CHRIST CHURCH of the United Church of Christ
101 N. Main Street, Trumbauersville, PA 18970 • (215) 538-0142 • Rev. David Heckler, Pastor (570) 470-0716 

An old church with a young heart.  Loving God and ALL God's people.  We have a place for you!


We believe in a God of Creation, mysterious and ever-present: who imagined the universe, breathed forth life and called it good, who has spoken throughout history in ways that are ordinary and miraculous, and who is STILL SPEAKING!

We believe in a God of Resurrection: who transforms old life into new, fear into hope, doubt into faith, indifference into love; who opens the door, who conquers death, who conquers life, and who is STILL SPEAKING!

We believe in the Spirit of Truth: who runs the race with us, who challenges and comforts, who loves mercy more than justice, who welcomes ALL, and who is STILL SPEAKING!

We believe that God is bigger than our belief, more loving than we can imagine.  God is calling us toward greater understanding and compassion.  We believe God gives each of us what we need to be spiritually alive, forgives our shortcomings, and gives us vision to see God in ourselves and others.  So, we join together as the church: praying, praising, hoping, seeking to understand the Life toward which God is calling us.

We hope you’ll join us!

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